When Formals are printed, a single sheet containing thumbnail views is also printed. This is like a blueprint of the case, showing all of the drawing sheets as well as client information, your file number, the date that the formals were printed, etc.

Having a birds eye view of each case can be extremely useful. When different cases have similar drawings, even if only part of the drawing is similar, it can be a good boiler plate. Utilizing identical, or nearly identical drawings can save you a considerable amount of money. These printouts are also valuable because the entire case can be viewed at once without having to flip through one page at a time. If I recognize a particular drawing, I can scan through many cases fairly quickly to find a viable boiler plate. However, there is one problem. Since 1991, Technographics has created over a million sheets of drawings. If I do recognize a drawing there is a good chance I can find it within 10-15 minutes or less, starting with a similar filename, but time is money. You may stand a better chance of recognizing one of your own drawings. If it is a block diagram, flowchart, or schematic, there is a good chance that I will not attempt to find a similar drawing sheet. For those it's usually faster to start fresh.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your thumbnail printouts.

    1. Keep thumbnails centrally located and filed in order so that all attorneys have access to them.
    2. The use of "OUT" cards may be required if using hard copies and a file cabinet.
    3. If any drawing from a previous case is to be used in a new case, please do let me know where that drawing originated. Write down the old case number directly on the sheet you are using as a boiler plate.