Formals are printed on 8.5x11 standard size paper or A4 European size paper and are delivered to you for filing with your patent application. In addition, soft copies are also available in several formats (.pdf standard) for delivery via email, thumbdrive, or CD. If filed electronically with the USPTO, Soft Copies carry our guarantee for line quality, text size, margin objections, etc. However, if you are printing your own formals from a soft copy for paper filing, please check these items. Your printer quality and margin settings cannot be guaranteed by Technographics. If you modify the drawings and re-save, the guarantee becomes void. Do not add docket numbers or change numbering; it only takes me a minute and everyone will have the same version for future alterations or a CIP. If the patent examiner objects to your line durability, text size, or margin accuracy, we can send you a new file or hard formal prints for paper filing.